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Welcome to Reiki Raven's YouTube Channel! I'm Debi Fowler, a Reiki Master, practitioner, and teacher.


Many know Reiki as a hands-on, healing technique. Most, however, don't realize that there is an entire "system" of Reiki that can assist you on your path to self-discovery and being your best self in this lifetime.


Learn how to reach your best self as I share what I've learned through practicing the system of Reiki. I'll include what I currently know, what I learn in my ongoing studies with the system of Reiki & other areas of support, as well as what I experience. I'll also share discussions on self-improvement, spiritual practice, meditations, books that I recommend, & daily inspirational quotes.


Join me on this journey to our highest, possible potential. Be sure to hit "Subscribe" when you get to the YouTube link. Thanks! :)


Learn all about the 3 Diamonds and how to incorporate these into your meditation practice.


Learn the importance of Hara breathing in this video and how to do it.


Amazon recommendations for your journey of self-discovery.  Affiliate page

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