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Medical Disclaimer:  All energy healing practices are meant to be used as complementary techniques to help improve your mind, body and spirit.  They are never used to take the place of your physician and his/her advice, guidance, prescriptions, or plan.​ Please feel free to share your energy healing experience with your doctor.  Many physicians today are aware of its benefits, as more hospitals are offering various healing modalities as an additional service for their patients.

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REIKI: Distant and Self-healing sessions

We are all made of energy. This energy nourishes and supports our every movement, whether through high vibration or low. However, life's ups and downs can disturb the natural vibrations in our mind and body, at times diminishing our capacity to live a strong and vibrant life.

Reiki Self-healing session, via Zoom

Learn how to perform your own Reiki hands-on healing. I'll work with you and demonstrate the Reiki hand positions for self-Reiki, as well as explain how these work.. We'll perform self-Reiki together, followed up with a brief meditation session. 


In addition, I'll work with you to create a daily habit of self-healing to incorporate into any lifestyle. Our session together will include information on how using the Reiki hands-on healing system benefits your self-care practice. And, finally, I'll introduce you to the system of Reiki and how it will help you achieve the best version of yourself. 

Whether you're needing help with anxiety, stress, fear, discipline, Reiki is an easy practice that can support you in your journey to a stress-free and more committed lifestyle. 

As my gift to you, if you take one of my Reiki classes within 60 days of your Reiki Self-healing session, I will credit $75 of this fee to you for your class.  Classes can be found here.

$175 / 2 hours

Buddha Statue

Distant Reiki session - if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, self-discipline issues, the system of Reiki can offer you the tools you need to overcome these obstacles and put you on the path to becoming the best version of you. Distant Reiki offers the same benefits of a typical, in-person Reiki appointment, but it is held via Zoom in the privacy of your own home. Once we've connected over Zoom, at a selected time, we'll discuss how Reiki works and how it delivers such a powerful sense of calm.  Your session will then begin with a guided meditation to bring to utmost relaxation while I begin the virtual session. 

Reiki is an energy system that helps you learn to manage your emotions. It helps release energy blocks that keep you from maintaining a positive lifestyle of gratitude and peace. Your journey to your best self begins with your first Reiki session. I hope to hear from you soon.

$75 - 1 hr

What to expect in a session? 

After scheduling the session through online booking, I will forward the Zoom link to you for the allotted time. Prior to our appointment please follow these recommendations:


  • dress comfortably for your session 

  • find a comfortable space in your home where you will be uninterrupted for the duration of appointment

  • have pillows and a light blanket available...the pillows for comfort around you and the blanket in the event you get chilled

  • lighting a candle in your space adds a calming atmosphere

  • have a glass of water available for after the session

  • I will send you a link to the music for the session

  • I also suggest that you have a journal or notepad and pen 

Unlike other practitioners, we remain in contact with each other during your session. Once we connect via Zoom, we will have a brief discussion, before and after, to answer any questions. 

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