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What's a Chakaruna?

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

There have been concerns raised on the practice of shamanism in the West. Those who have served as shamans for lifetimes worry that perhaps the West teachings are spread too thin and they may not be true to the authentic practice. They have cause for concern.

There will always be practitioners who might be providing services through less than pure reasons. It's important to know who your practitioner is and their expertise.

I believe that if your intent is true and open to spirit, your energy medicine is good. For myself, I have made conscious decisions to work with only the most highly regarded practitioners in the West, which brought me to The Four Winds. From there, I met Maestro Don Alejandro Apaza and will make future education practices with him.

It’s true, that through a translator Maestro Apaza teaches us in a short period of time what typically takes his apprentices a lifetime to practice and learn. Yes, we are not getting the same depth of teachings as those who have spent years developing their skill and expertise but I believe we are all aiming for the same thing. The beautiful, healing light of love. I believe that too is the intent of Maestro Apaza in sharing his wisdom.

To be honest, I offer only those practices of shamanism that I feel secure in my knowledge and abilities to provide. For instance, I will not do soul loss/destiny journeys, cord cuttings or extractions. I can, however, provide recommendations for those who have the qualifications to help in these areas.

Today I read a post on Instagram from inti.path that perfectly expresses what most of us on the shamanic path believe we are doing: “Chakaruna is a Quechua term meaning bridge people. It’s used to refer to someone who serves as a link between two cultures in order to bring consciousness and development. Let us all be chakarunas.

My heart is true and my path is clear, I’m a chakaruna.

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