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Discovering Your Truth

We are born with one intensity of spirit energy. Consider it a great, bright light. Mikao Usui used the metaphor of lampshades to illustrate how we go out into the world and the world begins to cover our true light (true self) with lampshades. As more and more lampshades are placed on us (through shades of judgments, expectations, anger, worries, depression, anxiety, etc…) our true self (our great light) becomes hidden. Our journey then is to begin lifting those lampshades off, shade by shade, until we find our original light, our true self.

In going forward today, consider the many shades that dim your light. What shades have you added simply based on someone else's perceptions? What are the truths that you've buried? Question all you hear, learn, and think as you go about your day. How much of what you hear is based on someone else’s belief system or prejudice? How have you developed based on what others have told you?

As we begin the journey to remove our shades, we begin the process of healing. Healing practices can be found in meditation, prayer, silent contemplation, journaling, walks in nature, working with an energy healer...whatever those things are that allow you to just "be" for a few of all your labels and shades. With each step you take in these activities the more aware you become of your own authentic self. Be brave and peel back the falsehoods. Be honest with yourself and let your original light glow...the world needs more you.

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” - Mother Teresa

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