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At the very root of Reiki are the five precepts. Mikao Usui created the five precepts to aid those pursuing a spiritual awakening. These precepts are for the devotee to contemplate and live these practices each day. Taking each day as a renewal of our commitment to the path of enlightenment. 


You will find the Reiki precepts translated in a variety of ways while still giving very similar meaning as below. I find this particular interpretation of the precepts to be the most beautiful. This translation is from my Master Teacher, Frans Stiene.  Usui Sensei wrote:


"The secret method of inviting blessings. 

The spiritual medicine of 10,000 illness. 

Today Only:
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Practice diligently - be true to your way and your being
Be kind to yourself and others - show compassion to yourself and others


Morning and evening perform Gassho,

Keep in your mind

Chant with your mouth

Improve your mind-body".

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